The Success Skills Program


The Success Skills Program


 The Ultimate PROVEN self driven program for success in any field of endeavor

Be a part of the TOP 3% of achievers

 This video is for everyone who want to lead a spectacular life

 Want to use the SSP Neuro-Com Secrets to be the best in sales?

Poor or conflicted self image

Self-limiting and self-destructive behaviours

Lack of defined direction

Lack of understanding of HOW to move forward

Learn the essential skills of developing a fantastic balanced self image,
create great relationships and
how to program your mind to automatically create the exact future you want



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The Success Skills Program has a proven 25 year history of creating spectacular results for the individuals who move through its processes. Success in creating money, relationships, lifestyle and happiness are the fundamental core of what most people want. We all want to be recognized for who we are and what we have achieved. We all want the level of security and comfort that financial success can bring, but only 3% of the human race ever achieve it. WHY?

The key is in how your mind works and how it has been programmed during your early years. Those who succeed naturally have been programmed for achievement. The sad thing is that most people have been programmed for mediocrity, with poor basic self-image and no reference to creating beyond the norm.

The Success Skills Program takes you from where you are, and using highly specific methods based on over 50 years of research and 35 years of clinical practice, gives you the tools and reprogramming methods to make you who you would like to be – GUARANTEED!

Unlike other programs claiming to make you successful, we guarantee you will be absolutely satisfied with your results, or money back.

In the five session program you will learn:

Limiting factors in inhibiting productivity and creation of success

The role of your unconscious programs in creating both success and failure

How your mind really works

The basis of your self-image and how to dramatically improve it – permanently

A clear understand of how your mind processes your past and future

How your mind determines your thoughts, feelings and behaviours

How your mind creates and destroys relationships, both business and personal

How your mind drives the creation of your future and what to do about it

The critical role of Self Image, and how to dramatically improve it to feel comfortable in any situation

The influence of diet on your thinking processes and moods and what you need to do to eliminate the damaging mental and emotional effect of poor diet

How to assess how your unconscious mind views you

How to accurately assess how your unconscious communicates with your conscious awareness

Your specific and unique NeuroPrint – the critical piece of the future puzzle

How to design all aspects of your future

The role of your values in creating your future and relationships

How your values are created

How to manipulate your unconscious values to support you

How to design your future so your unconscious will take notice and act

How to establish and maintain amazing productive business relationships that will support your future in a congruent way

The Neuro-Com keys to struggle free selling relationships and high productivity

How to start creating unconscious congruency within groups – enhance productivity

What is so different about The Success Skills Program?

The Success Skills Program is based on a well-researched and proven model of the mind based on practical intervention in anxiety, trauma and behavioural change. Everything you will learn has been well tested over 25 years of delivery to individuals and business groups, providing consistent results

The course consists of:
Five x three hour formal evening training sessions over five weeks

You will be provided with:

A complete comprehensive workbook

A copy of Gary Johnston’s The Neuro-Com Program to support you with personal change

Access to on-line support videos explaining key points as revision

A personal 1 hour coaching session with Gary Johnston


Shoppingtown Hotel Galaxy Room
19 Williamsons Road, Doncaster VIC
This provides easy access just 60 seconds from the Eastern Freeway at the Doncaster Road off-ramp

Your investment

Early Bird before March 12th $770 including GST

Normal price after March 12th $890 including GST

Remember: We guarantee that you will get exceptional value from this program.
Decide you don’t like it? Just return the course materials before the end of week 4 and you will get your money back, no questions asked.
You cannot lose!




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