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The Secret of Creating Change

You have heard the old term “everyone is different”? When it comes to understanding the mind this is especially so. YOU are unique. Your collection of memories and the emotions connected to them, are unique to you and you alone. How they affect you, both now and in the future, depends on how all that experience presents itself to your conscious mind, and how you react to it in this moment.

The reality is that your behaviors, physically and emotionally, are derived from your past experience. So if you have stored traumatic memories that assault you values and belief system, or are simply horrific, you will almost always suffer from high levels of anxiety. Left to ferment long enough and your body will start to react by causing all sorts of pain and disease states.

The Neuro-Com Secret is simply this. We treat your memory system with tender loving care. We treat it as an individual, unique to you. We don’t overlay our own beliefs or values on you. We don’t put your problem in a little box and give it a name. We work to release the negative emotions from memory such as fear, anger, pain, anxiety. And the amazing thing, we don’t even need to know what the detail content of your memory is! Once the emotional content of your “root cause memory” is balanced and comfortable, your mind will let go of all the reactive memory trauma from that point on…. all the way out into your future. You can actually design your future!

Your unconscious mind is listening and feeling as you read this. There may be even two or parts to it trying to give you different conflicting stories about what I writing to you. You may even feel that there seems to be two totally different personalities in there trying to get your attention! Don’t worry, you are not losing your mind. It’s just the way your memory was programmed when you were young. It’s easily resolved.

You are an individual, with a unique personality. You are valued and should value yourself and your contribution to the universe. Understanding the Neuro-Com Secret will empower you beyond your belief. It doesn’t take years to bring your unconscious mind under the control of your conscious mind. Once you negotiate with it to do what is right and proper for you, it will continue to work for you, not against you.

You can learn the Neuro-Com Secret either personally through our clinic, or you can learn as part of a group in one of our regular but small courses. Contact us for further details. We look forward to seeing you and empowering you.

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