Gary Johnston – Creator of The Neuro-Com Program

 Gary Johnston - Author of The Neuro-Com Program
Gary Johnston

Creator of Neuro-Com and trainer

Gary Johnston, a highly experienced psychotherapist who specialises in trauma and anxiety disorders, particularly PTSD, has a proven history of achieving rapid results in mind-changing modalities. His model of the mind is the basis of Neuro-Com, which is derived from his intense clinical work with thousands of clients over 35 years. Gary also teaches clinical hypnotherapy and clinical Neuro-Com™ therapies to mental health professionals, invariably surprising therapists and clients with his approach to changing emotional states and thought patterns in minutes.

Gary holds a Master’s Degree of Applied Social Science, a Post-Graduate Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is a Master Timeline Therapy practitioner. He is a specialist in nutrition and physical health in mental illness, writing and lecturing frequently on both. He is a President of the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists Australia and a director of the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register. As a director of The Goulding Institute, an online educator of mental health practitioners, Gary is the principle creator of the Post-Graduate Diploma of Psycho-nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine.

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