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January 12, 2015


 Powerful GMF Neuro-ComStress Management and Change Management Resources

Trauma, Anxiety and Depression strategies – personal and organisational

Enhance or save your relationships!

Understand how to change negative thinking process

Create personal and organisational congruency

Clinical services available

The Neuro-Com Global Family Memberships available that provide a wealth of information on living skills, mental and physical health and how to reprogram you mind to give you what you really want! Free Bronze level and paid Silver and Gold levels.

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Personal Services

Special highly effective methods for sufferers of fears, phobias, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and other stress related symptoms problems including depression.

Take control of your thoughts, feelings and future. Do you suffer from low energy, dizziness, unsteadiness? Worried about your thoughts or perception of the world around you? You are not alone! YOU can change the way you and your loved ones live and enjoy life. With over 20 years experience in clinical work, we can help.

No-one wants to suffer the debilitating symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. They affect not only yourself but the people closest to you. Sometimes they seem too much to cope with.

Step back from the edge and take a different path. The resources on this site have been carefully prepared to help you do that.

  1. Reduce or eliminate stressanger, frustration
  2. Learn how to create great relationships
  3. Eliminate phobias and panic attacks
  4. Use proven methods to develop a stable, profitable future
  5. Use our FREE Life Resource information


To book appointments at the clinic at Bulleen, Victoria
please call 03 8682 8772

Corporate and Organisational Services  

  • Organisational Change
    and Stress Consulting
  • Conflict resolution
  • Group Training
  • Effective Stress Management
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Trauma Response for emergency services and military personnel

Stress treatments and stress management for individuals – Neuro-Com™ Therapies, Clinical Hypnotherapy & TimeLineTM Therapy
We also provide support for those with diabetes and help reduce the stress involved with proven and effective diabetes therapies.

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