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Neuro-Com mind changePowerful methods of changing mind, thoughts, feelings and behaviours

The Neuro-Com model of the mind is a powerful proven strategy to change emotional states, thought patterns and behaviours that are giving you problems.

Derived from 40 years of proven clinical work and 55 years of research into human thought and behaviour, Neuro-Com fills the very large gaps in understanding that drives the traditional models.

Dealing with long term anxiety and depression, trauma (PTSD), relationship and self-image issues become easy. Organisational change, personnel issues and motivation take on a new light of understanding and intervention.

Clinical intervention, on-line and in-house training programs and webinars are available to suit your needs as an individual or organisation. Gary Johnston is also available as a sought after keynote speaker at conferences and corporate training.

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New Amazing Relationships online training now available.

Find out the truth and reality behind how we form our relationships, and destroy them. These videos expose the strategies that drive all good personal or professional relationships.

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The Book – The Neuro-Com Progam, is now available.
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Corporate and Organisational Services  

Organisational Change and Stress Consulting
Conflict resolution
Group Training
Effective Stress Management
Critical Incident Response
Trauma Response for emergency services and military personnel

Stress treatments and stress management for individuals – Neuro-Com™ Therapies,

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